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Family Talk is proud to bring together leading authorities in the fields of parenting and child and adolescent healthcare to form a community of support for parents.  Labatt's parenting coaches – periodically joined by guest experts – will answer your questions about children and alcohol.

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When alcohol goes missing

I’m concerned that my daughter may be taking alcohol from the house. Do I confront her even though I can’t prove anything, or just keep quiet?

Thanks for your question.  This isn’t an easy situation but, if your daughter is indeed helping herself to your alcohol, you need to know.  Starting a discussion doesn’t mean you need to accuse her of anything.  Choose a casual moment – maybe over dinner or when you’re both in the car – and ask her, in a friendly manner, whether she’s ever tried alcohol.  Download our Parent Guide for tips on how to make this conversation a successful one.  Keep in mind that the first goal is to create a climate of openness and mutual respect.  Your daughter needs to know it’s okay to speak to you about alcohol, and you need an opportunity to communicate that underage drinking is not okay.  Good luck in starting the dialogue and please feel free to check back with Family Talk if there’s a need for more follow-up.

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